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Yesterday evening (March 14) after giving the lecture, Angelina went to the Buckingham Palace together with her son Maddox and they got a private guided tour. And apparently were no members of the royal family present. 😉

Mar 15, 2017

There is always something new to be amazed by or proud of when it comes to Angelina. The reason for her to be in London, UK was to have a lecture at the London School for Economics yesterday on March 14. This weeks celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative.

She looked wonderful in her beige coat and was all smiles on her way to the lecture. She was quoted saying:

“I’m a little nervous, feeling butterflies. I hope I do well. This is very important to me.”

And I’m more than certain that she did well and I’m also sure the students were trilled to have Angelina there and the week earlier Lord Hague was there as well giving a lecture. What a privilege!

Here is some photos of Angelina and also two pics that the students took!

Angelina Jolie today said she was “feeling butterflies” ahead of her first lecture as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The actress and film-maker, who co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, was set to tell students at the LSE’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security today about her experience in the field and how sexual violence is used as a tool of war.

“I’m a little nervous, feeling butterflies,” she told the Evening Standard beforehand. “I hope I do well. This is very important to me.”

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Mar 15, 2017

Angelina was seen out and about with the twins in a book shop in London, UK yesterday March 13.

Source: The Sun (UK)

Mar 14, 2017

Angelina and the kids arrived in London, UK and they were seen toy shopping together.

Source: The Daily Mail

Mar 13, 2017

Angelina was photographed at the LAX airport yesterday (March 11) together with her kids when they were departing to go to London, UK. She looked wonderful as always!

Source: The Daily Mail

Mar 12, 2017

Daily Mail posted some candids photos of her and Vivienne and Knox out and about in Seam Reap, Cambodia. Go there to view all the photos!

Mar 9, 2017

Apparently is this story from August 30, 2016 but it was too cute not to share. Especially with all the negativity surrounding our Angelina. <3

You can watch a video at TMZ who originally posted the story!

Angelina Jolie shows up as the most ‘unexpected’ customer to buy giant teddy bear from two adorable 8-year-old twins!

Angelina buys a teddy bear from kids

Beautiful Angelina Jolie proved she is equally popular with kids and gigantic stuffed animals too. Find out how she graciously helped a pair of 8-year-old “businessmen” to sell off their 8-foot-tall teddy bear!

Tim Alexander and his twins, Allen and Brandon, were in Toluca Lake, CA, last year trying to sell 8 foot tall teddy bear for $50, but even after an hour of hard work, they and their bear were waiting for the first customer.

Here’s their lovely photo story!

The twins were on their very first business assignment: to sell their giant teddy bear.

Sadly, it seemed like no one was interested in buying their cute big teddy even after one hour of hard work!

But then suddenly, they saw a Cadillac came over with Angelina and her daughter Shiloh inside as their star buyers!

Tim said without a second thought, the super star made the deal and took the teddy. Angelina even paid double the amount, she gave $50 to each of the two brothers.

The lovely actress took the opportunity to chat with this amazing family, before the little boys and the entire gang helped load the super-cute teddy into her car!

Angelina’s small gesture reminds us all that doing good deeds is not too hard – all it needs is a willing heart!

Angelina buys a teddy bear from kids

Source: NTD

Feb 6, 2017

Out and about January 28, 2017

Angelina was seen out shopping in Malibu on Saturday (January 28) with her twins Knox and Vivienne, 8. She was rocking a pair of leather pants and a nice silky top. They were spotted visiting clothing stores in the Malibu Country Mart mall. Even though things probably is rough in her life right now – she looks amazing as usual!

If you want to view two videos please go to the The Daily Mail.

Jan 30, 2017